In the name of God

Salute to man, woman girl and boy of village, city, tribe, clan and Nomad weavers which illuminate the shining lamp of carpet weaving art and guard the value of it during the history of this nation: and their artistic, but callous hands, are witness to this claim: and salute to designers, painters spinners, dyer, researchers, investigators, teachers experts and those who their firm steps roll up over the rough ways in this country for up lifting the carpets art and industry, and their kind hearts is the place for this long lasting custom, and their miraculous hands offer the result of their ancestors effort to art admirers all over the world. Me, seid Mojtaba Razavi, started my work with master "Mohammad Ali Aalami; Harandi" in the Tehran Great Bazaar and in the years after learned from him what should be known in designs, producing and exporting of the Iranian carpets froms various regions. I continue my way by all the problems and difficulties of this field till in the last year 2000, I decided to found this collection for developing this original Iranian industry. My aim is to connect the inside markets to each other and finally to the world market, giving the needed information to the foreign business men and merchants in an easy way and unit the artists and experts to improve this original industry. It must be mentioned that I gather this collection because I loved it and started this site to take a step in keeping and guarding and continuing these valuable objects which are the representatives for many thousands years of our artistic customs. I hope that, this effort will be accepted by the connoisseurs and experts in this field.